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Reduce Costs

We reduce the overall costs for our customers by utilizing technology to drive business growth. The majority fo the technology we use is Open Source to avoid licensing costs. We often build in-house solutions rather than spend lengthy amounts of time trying to modify existing solutions to new requirements. We are mindful of the lifetime cost of each asset, and use it as a benchmark when comparing products. Our focus on quality ensures costs remain low over the lifetime of the project.

We work with a variety of technologies and will find the best one suited for your needs. We handle the heavy lifting and relate it to you in a clear and non-jargon based way. We know you are successful because you are good at what you do - our mission is to enable effective technology for you. Below are a few areas of our expertise:
Linux System Administration
Bash shell scripting
Bind DNS setup
Reverse DNS for CIDR Networks
Sendmail, Postfix, qmail configuration
Dovecot, Courier IMAP, POP3 setup
SSH login/ public key setup
syslog configuration
Apache installation, HTTP, HTTPS
iptables firewall
RAID configuration
rsync, tar backups
Web Development
PHP coding
CakePHP Framework
Perl coding
HTML coding
Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Facebook, Twitter integration
Google API integration
Paypal, payment gateways
MySQL Database Administration
Schema design
Database setup
High peformance configuration
Query Optimization
Network Architecture
Network design and topology
High availability web applications
Routing (TCP/IP,UDP,BGP)
Load Balancing
Storage Area Networks (SAN)
Network Attached Storage (NAS)
Application Clusters
iOS Apps
Design and layout
Interface Builder UI development
Objective C, XCode development
External API integration
Location based services
App Store submission
Mac OSX Desktop
User account maintenance
Firewall configuration
Time Machine configuration
Time Capsule setup
Aiport configuration
iTunes sync
Command line scripting
Hard drive, memory, optical drive replacement