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Communicate Effectively

Good communication is developed by good listening and providing engaging information. We work to hear not only what you say, but also what you mean. Your thoughts and ideas are the cornerstone of our focus and the most essential part of each successful project. We never talk down to you, or ignore you. We give you accurate and interesting information in a timely manner. Responsiveness is key; we regard each and every request as mission-critical.
What we do
Shark7 is a High Performance Technical Consulting company. We focus on understanding your needs and your vision and help you reach your technology objectives.
Why you should hire us
We're fast, we deliver what we promise, and we communicate effectively. We are technology experts who deliver quality work for every single one of our clients.
What kind of projects do you work on
We focus primarily on web based and mobile technologies. We couple mature technologies like UNIX and Linux with emerging technologies like iOS apps to create ecosystems that work seamlessly together. Our focus is on creating high performace systems that enhance the user experience.
How do I get started
The first step is contacting us. We will meet you, either in person or virtually, and learn about your vision for your project. Once we have an idea of what you want, we can scope it out and give you a quote.

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