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Reduce Costs

We reduce the overall costs for our customers by utilizing technology to drive business growth. The majority fo the technology we use is Open Source to avoid licensing costs. We often build in-house solutions rather than spend lengthy amounts of time trying to modify existing solutions to new requirements. We are mindful of the lifetime cost of each asset, and use it as a benchmark when comparing products. Our focus on quality ensures costs remain low over the lifetime of the project.

We work with clients from a variety of industries. Here is a sampling of the clients and the projects we have worked on:

Greg Muramoto EA
Website deployment and IT support.


First American
Design and implementation of enterprise wide whitelisting services.

Advent Online
Design and deployment of email platform.

Swish Marketing
Design of email management platform.

Design and deployment of email marketing software.


Boalt School of Law, U.C. Berkeley
Setup and administration of Law School computer lab.

School of Optometry, U.C. Berkeley
Design and implemenation of life function monitoring software.

Center for EUV Astophysics, U.C. Berkeley
Satellite data verification and analysis.

Office for History of Science and Technology, U.C. Berkeley
Setup and maintenance of computer lab.


Woodstock Data
Systems development and compliance for Harvard University health studies..

Design and implementation of search.
Maintenance and transition of acquired company eFranchise.
Datacenter migration and server configuration.

Network architecture and system configuration.


Higa Gipson LLP
Web development and IT support.

Immigration Counsel
Web development.


Agilent Technologies
Design and implementation of transistor testing software.

NXP Semiconductors
Maintanence of IT infrastructure.

Network hardening and implementation of file servers.

Voelker Technologies
Debugging of microprocessor routines.

Setup of software testing platform.


Setup of monitoring platform, management of servers and network.

Real Estate

Email platform configuration.

New Homes Directory
DNS configuration and technical support.

TWA Properties
Website development and form processing automation.


Goverment Training Inc.
Deployment and maintenance of IT infrastructure


Erik Stone Golf
Web development and online marketing consulting.

Next Level Academy
Web development and Search Engine Optimization (SEO).